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Travel Themed Decor Ideas

Are you an avid traveler? Can’t live without traveling and planning your trips? Then you should definitely express your passion for home decor, let it be a home for a traveler! I have some cool ideas to share, they will showcase your favorite hobby in a stylish way without being tasteless or over the top. Let’s take a look at it.


Cards scream like nothing else! We recommend incorporating a world map into your home decor: make a statement wall in your bedroom or living room, hang it in your home office to get inspiration for work and earn more travel. In addition to hanging a card, you can use more creative ideas such as: B. Removable wall decals and different types of wall art: string wall art, graphic wall art, paper card art with lights or others. Point out the destinations of your travels and possibly add some photos to bring back the fond memories. The good thing is that you can realize all of these decoration ideas yourself, only for little money or almost for nothing!


Suitcases, especially vintage ones, can be turned into various pieces of furniture and decorations, and they all have one great advantage – they can be a convenient storage space! Paint them to match your colors and style if necessary, then stack them on top of each other in your bedroom and create a cool bedside table or just use one if it is enough. You can also convert a suitcase into a console or table for your hallway. Just add legs and it becomes a convenient storage item with a unique look. Suitcases can also be turned into shelves of any kind, and all you need here is your travel souvenirs and photos – and a perfect travel-themed display is ready!

Travel gallery walls

What could be nicer than a gallery wall with photos from your own travels? I think nothing inspires more than these amazing memories and picturesque places! You can create a gallery wall with different configurations, shapes, and appearances. It can be versatile or regular, with one type of frame or different, one size of photo or another – remember that it should fit your space perfectly. When you introduce metallics, stained woods, colored frames, etc., things can become visually distracting. So, prefer something a little more neutral to focus on the photos themselves.


You can make or buy a variety of accessories and decorations – there are lots of DIYs on the internet and lots of items to buy. Check out some of these here for inspiration and turn your home into a cave for travelers!

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