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Transitional Bathroom Decor Ideas

What is a transitional bath? This is a room referring to the style between contemporary and traditional, that is, a room with clean lines but not too contemporary and cold, with a warm comfortable feel. According to experts, this is currently the most popular type of bathroom decoration, and it is not surprising that you get a modern space with a welcoming and warm feeling. Who Needs More Than That?

One of the reasons transitional bathrooms are so popular today is the beauty of the design. Today, bathrooms are changing from a place of basic needs to a space of luxury. Homeowners implement luxurious features like chandeliers, saunas, freestanding tubs, beautifully wallpapered walls, and underfloor heating. A transitional bathroom turns into a spa-like place to escape to, but without the inconvenience and expense.

Colors and materials

What are the best colors to design such a bathroom? Since the choice of colors is important, transitional bathrooms appear light and relaxed: white, gray, beige, bone, blue – and also silver. Integrate ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles or even marble, choose wood grain and wood imitation tiles for a comfortable and inviting ambience. Use a matte tile floor to reduce the risk of slipping without compromising style.

Necessary items

When it comes to cabinets in transitional bathrooms, think of free-standing, built-in, or floating styles with recessed paneling and lots of drawers. The transitional style of the bathroom commonly uses wood grain, painted wood and mixed materials with decorative fittings. Countertops and sinks are usually quartz, quartzite, granite, or marble. Faucets can be movable, touch-controlled, or manual, and are usually made of nickel, chrome, stainless steel, or rose gold. Popular surfaces for transitional bathrooms are polished, matt, brushed and satin.

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