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Transformed Victorian Mansion

How do you transform a great historic home into a youthful contemporary family home without sacrificing the size of its architectural heritage? This was the challenge Claire Driscoll Delmar faced and she managed to get it right, which reflected her passion for art, travel and fashion. Claire provided a completely blank canvas and boldly complemented the historic features of the house with contemporary furniture, sculptural lighting, textured fabrics, playful wallpaper and splashes of color, as well as the clients’ playful art collection with paintings, photographs and sculptures.The Art House project got its name .

From the formal paneling and parquet flooring, to the ornate ceiling cornices and roses, to the sculpted marble paneling and arched openings, the renovated decor not only speaks of the building’s history, it also reflects customers’ love for European architecture. Wrapped in a muted palette of white and light and dark gray tones, the renovated building fabric was transformed into a strict canvas, on which the designer unleashed her creativity by adding playful accents in lively colors, lush textures and playful shapes that permeate the rooms a sense of humor as well as elegance.

A range of bespoke furniture by Sydney designer Jonathan West, such as the hallway sideboard, kitchen stool, and the headboard and bedside tables in the bedroom, are interwoven with contemporary and modernist pieces. Each space has been carefully curated, bringing old and new into harmony, muted tones with colorful accents and polished surfaces with soft textures as part of an interplay between the male and female psyche.

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