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Transformable Children Furniture

Famille Garage is the name that designer Alexander Seifert gave to his modular furniture set for Richard Lampert. The really interesting idea behind this particular furniture collection is that each piece of furniture is modular and can be adapted and changed to suit the needs of children as they grow up. The collection includes storage, shelving, sleeping and seating units that can be customized without modification.

The original and imaginative design of this furniture is inspired by the drawers and compartments of a workshop or garage and is exactly what makes this incredible collection so special. Just like in a real workshop, the parts are versatile and can be transformed as required. The top of the changing table becomes a children’s crafting table, while the lower part of the storage units can be quickly converted into the legs of a bench. The storage unit itself becomes a shelf unit. To make changing diapers more fun, Richard Lampert offers a beautiful changing mat made of two-tone white synthetic leather and blue fabric with seams and decorative buttons.

As your toddler grows and changing diapers is no longer necessary, the dresser transforms and can be used as a storage unit for toys and other items. For this you can order large, colorful and food-safe storage boxes made of polypropylene, which are available in yellow, red, green, blue or transparent.

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