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Traditional English Cottage

At first glance you might think this is an old English cottage, but no! This house is called Fig Tree Cottage and was built in Queensland, Australia in 1988. The architect spent much of his time in the UK learning how to build a traditional Cotswold style cottage so that he could recreate the look of one. And he succeeded!

The cottage has the same traditional Cotswold look and spirit inside and reflects the most fascinating features of old world life. Picturesque small doors, heavy wooden beams and dreamy skylights on the upper floor, together with the wooden stairs and the huge old brick fireplace, create an enveloping feeling of cosiness and warmth. Polished hardwood floors upstairs and quarry tiles downstairs go perfectly with the English cottage decor.

The house has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with each location being a perfect example of how to create that gorgeous classic English country style. My favorite room here is the living room with a couple of white sofas, a white coffee table with drawers, a light blue dresser, and a white fireplace in a brick niche. Blue and white decorative plates add style to the room.

One of the rooms opens onto the garden, there is a terrace here. All of this is behind a beautiful white picket fence.

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