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Traditional Danish Inspired House

Lenschow & Pihlmann has completed a new detached house on the Danish island of Fanø, which is inspired by the traditional longhouse typology. With its elongated shape, the native architectural style results from the need to provide shelter from the island’s strong winds while accommodating the barn and accommodation under one continuous roof. Regarding these longhouses, which date from the Viking Age, House on Fanø can be seen as a contemporary take on the typology.

The traditional longhouses on the island of Fanø faced east to west to protect against the prevailing westerly winds. They were also characterized by simple and robust details with clear functions and an honest use of materials. The composition of the design by Lenschow & Pihlmann reflects this, with the most important social areas in the middle of the long ribbon, which are closed off on both sides by bedrooms. The central kitchen, living and dining room are double high and offer a light and airy space. There is also a mezzanine floor which offers a cozy living space with a picture frame window. The combination of the materials used here is very peculiar and unusual. It makes the interiors catchy, although they are pretty minimalist.

From the terracotta-colored plaster on the elevations to the clay blocks and natural wood in the interior, the choice of materials creates a warm and inviting apartment. This feeling of a house as a shelter is reinforced by the low pitch of the roof and the large overhangs, which together refer to the local typology and at the same time offer contemporary living space on the Wadden Sea island.

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