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Townhouse Courtyard Garden Designs

A townhouse is a type of medium-density urban housing, usually, but not necessarily, terraced or semi-detached. A modern townhouse is often one with a small footprint on several floors. You might think that there is no room for nature in a house like this, but that’s not true! We’ve rounded up some courtyard gardens to prove you wrong. Such a garden in the townhouse in the courtyard looks like a real oasis of relaxation, no matter which style you choose. You can go for a Japanese-inspired garden, or a stylized garden with flower beds, or a completely wild one – the main idea is that you shouldn’t feel like you are in the city center here, but like you are in a forest. Let the following ideas inspire you!

Garden design

City gardens are usually small or tiny. So keep in mind that your garden will look more like a patio or patio if you want furniture there. Choose the style and design you want, and remember that the more texture and dimension you use, the smaller the garden will look. Hence, choosing a minimalist and contemporary style is a very good idea. Clean lawns are ideal for freshening up the space and never going out of style. Wall units take up no space while keeping your space private and freshening up at the same time. If you have moody plants, keep them in pots to bring indoors in harsh weather conditions.

Choose hardscaping accordingly – pebbles, stone tiles, bricks or opt for a comfortable wooden deck. Fountains and ponds give every room harmony. So if you can, you can go for one.

garden furniture

The furniture (if any) should match your decorating style, be it shabby chic, contemporary, minimalist or other. Wicker and rattan never go out of style and emphasize that it is an outdoor area. Built-in furniture saves a lot of space and possibly also offers a lot of storage space. Get inspired!

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