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Tiny Open Layout Flat

How can you squeeze a tiny space? Designers and architects from all over the world keep surprising us with new solutions and ideas, and the apartment we share today is one of those surprises. At just 35 square meters, MÁS maximized every inch of this Budapest apartment, known as a zero-room apartment.

Interior walls have been removed to open up the room into one room, making it feel bigger. Now that it’s not divided into tiny rooms, the apartment has a main area that serves as the kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. Most functions are hidden to avoid clutter. The kitchen, closet, and bed are behind doors that open or slide away when not in use to keep the space looking clean.

Most surfaces are made of aged metal that can feel cold to the touch. To make up for this, they built in books, textiles, and a long, hanging planter above the kitchen table / island. A Murphy bed folds up between the bookcases, leaving the center of the room empty during the day – a smart idea to save space. The designers used the idea of ​​integrating large furniture in a small space to avoid cluttering it. This resulted in a more spacious appearance. The main layout has been freshened up here and there with potted green; The room is also filled with natural light to avoid feeling too cold.

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