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Timeless Window Treatments

Today it is believed that windows should not be covered to let in light, enjoy the view, and make rooms airier. But what if you need some privacy or want to control the excessive sunlight or it doesn’t feel cozy with bare windows? There are some window treatments that are always on trend that look modern and cool. Let’s look at some ideas.


Curtains or drapes are a timeless solution that will never go out of style, that’s for sure. Curtains hide your room from excessive sunlight, from people’s eyes and give the room a decorative value. You can highlight, emphasize, and even add colors and prints to the style and decor of your room. The most popular option is some transparent or semi-transparent curtains that will easily fit into any room, but you can go for more eye-catching curtains: color block, watercolor, printed. Experiment with prints and patterns, including colors and fabrics. Velvet is sure to create a sophisticated feel, and tulle gives the room an airy feel. Flower patterns and strong colors give a neutral room a special touch.

Roman shadow

Roman or roller shutters are another popular option for windows. They are no less comfortable than curtains, although they bring a different look. Roman shades can be made from translucent or more solid fabric to prevent excessive light from getting inside. They can also be braided to give the room a rustic touch. Roman shades can also highlight the room style and colors with their design. For example, you can try flowers, stripes, polka dots, and many other prints, decorations, and tassels.

Curtains and shadows

Choose both options when you need style and privacy at the same time and one piece is not enough. This is a great way to use sheer and airy curtains without compromising privacy and it allows you to highlight the decor and colors even better. Create a layered look with printed hues and brightly colored or neutral curtains for contrast. Enjoy!

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