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Tile Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops should be comfortable for cooking, durable and also match the kitchen decor. We’ve already shared some cool countertop ideas, and today we’re sharing some more ideas: This is a retro trend that is coming back – tile kitchen countertops.

Such countertops enjoyed huge popularity in the 1980s, and now that idea is hot and trendy again. There are different types of tiles to try out: wood, concrete, stone, porcelain, glass, and many others, so you have plenty of choice. Here it all depends on the kitchen decor, colors and appearance, and the durability you need, for example, marble, stone and concrete tiles are the most durable. The good thing is that you can install most of these countertops yourself. There are plenty of tutorials that you can try.

There are two ways to rock such tiles: do the same countertops and backsplash, or choose contrasting tiles or other materials for the backsplash. Covering the countertops and upstands or even the walls with the same tiles is the most popular idea to get a harmonious look. Such a decor is stylish and definitely repeats the old trend. To make your tiles stand out even better, you can use grout of a different shade, e.g. B. gray grout for white tiles or beige grout for gray tiles.

Another idea is to create a contrast between the backsplash and countertops. Integrate textures and colors into your kitchen decor or create a bold contrast with the cabinets. The tiles can be the same color but a different design to tie them together, or the same design but contrasting colors for a bold look. You can also cover the countertops with tile and the backsplash with sheet metal or other materials to match your decor.

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