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Terp Tables And Poufs

If you are a fan of contemporary and bold design, these stools and tables will impress you very much! This is the Terp collection of upholstered tables and stools that can be arranged in a landscape for the home or office.

They were created by Mike & Maaike, who were inspired by the Dutch “Terps”. These are artificial mounds that were created to provide a higher altitude when it rains in the flood-prone areas of the Netherlands. The sides rise at a gentle angle to form the rounded tops for comfortable seating or to hold a solid oak tabletop if you prefer. Terps is available in two heights – 32 or 48 cm – and are available with table surfaces in widths of 63, 70 or 100 cm. The seams on the seams give the upholstery a nice detail, which is available in different fabric variants. Create a matching or contrasting look for your home and use a group of terps or just use one!

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