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Tall Holiday House Small Footprint

This house was designed and built by the architects Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck from Atelier Arnhard und Eck Architekten. It’s only 4 meters wide and 13 meters long, which isn’t much by any standard. The house is located in Oberaudorf in Germany and serves as a holiday home.

The dark outer walls give the house the opportunity to blend in with the environment and look less intrusive than other structures. The pitched roof is covered with solar panels in the form of tiles. These produce more energy than the house needs and can share it with the neighboring houses. The outer walls are clad with solid wood, with adobe bricks lining the inner parts and providing excellent thermal insulation. The entrance and the garage door are next to each other and look incognito like the rest of the facade. The large and very heavy garage door is light pink inside and gives the house a whimsical touch.

Inside, the rooms are connected and this gives the house a very harmonious atmosphere. The kitchen and dining area can protrude into the garden on sunny summer days thanks to the large sliding doors. The seating area has large picture windows that let in light and a beautiful view, creating a strong connection between the inside and the outside.

The dining area and kitchen can be extended outwards towards the garden. The large glass doors let in lots of sunlight and also frame a great view of the garden. Check out the pictures of this amazing house below!

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