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Table With Swarovski Crystals

We’re used to seeing Swarovski’s crystals in jewelry and sometimes in works of art, but in furniture? The item we share today is a table set in adorable Swarovski crystals that looks wow.

With the generous selection of glittering Swarovski crystals attached to the underside of the table, the Orion HD Hexa Table is a stunning conversation piece with an appealing and innovative aesthetic. As they reflect and refract the light, the crystals create all sorts of interesting prismatic effects. The feeling of depth and texture is enhanced by the dark underside of the table, as the multi-faceted gemstones seem to rise both above and into the shiny glass surface.

The hexa tables have a bronze-colored, patinated steel base. Models available include nested end tables, coffee tables, and console tables. Custom shapes and sizes are also offered. Such a table can make a bold statement in any room and gives every room a glamorous touch with Swarovski crystals. It gives every room a sophisticated touch.

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