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Table Lamp Inspires Movements

We just shared Orrery Lamp, inspired by the sun, moon and earth, and here is another lamp inspired by the sun’s movements in the sky – the RA table lamp that encourages you to move too.

Ukrainian architecture and design studio Nottdesign created the RA table lamp that encourages you to interact with it to turn it on and off. When the tube rests horizontally, it’s off and when you’re ready to turn it on, just lift the tube to a vertical position. Her desire was to design a lamp that made the body move, not just your hand and wrist, but an interactive piece of the new level.

As the lever turns clockwise, the light will slowly turn on until it reaches 100%, or you can stop it at any point for the brightness you want. Movement should be related to the path of the sun as it moves through the sky, that is, the higher it is, the brighter it is. To rock such a creative idea!

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