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Swing Coat Rack

For many people, fashion is not just the clothes they put on their backs, but the art they wear to express themselves. This is why makeshift cabinets have become so popular: everything is on display and your trendy things become part of the decor. If you want a wardrobe like this, but don’t feel like building one yourself, it’s a good way – buy the Swing wardrobe!

The Swing wardrobe by Edvar Design was specially developed for fashionistas and shows your wearable works of art at their best. The neat, elegant aesthetic is the result of CNC cutting, handcraft and seamless joinery. The sculptural piece is at home in any dressing room, closet or even in an entrance area. It’s a good departure from the functional look of metal wardrobes and is ideal for stylishly adding to the limited storage space of compact living spaces.

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