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Stylish Small Bathroom Design Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, do not worry – it can be decorated with style and elegance, no worse than a large one, and a small room always looks cozier. How can you decorate it to make the most of every inch? Here are some tips. First, a shower cubicle is the best choice for a small bathroom – it would save a lot of space and it looks fantastic. Second, smart storage is the key to success. So choose a vanity with drawers from some convenient open shelves as these don’t look heavy, and a radiator is a good place to hang towels. Check out the inspiring ideas below and pin some designs for yourself!


If you really have a tiny bathroom, skip the bathtub and limit yourself to just a shower room. In addition, your shower room can be designed as a triangle – for just one person, which saves a little more space. Think of sink and toilet combinations, floating vanities, built-in and open shelving, wall-mounted sinks, and other appliances.


Choose whatever comes to mind, but keep in mind that the fewer items and decorations you use, the bigger your bathroom will feel. Minimalism and contemporary decor are your best friends. Relieve the space with open and built-in shelves and niches in the shower room, with your vanity and even with cabinets, baskets and stools.

As for colors, if you go for neutrals it will make your bathroom appear smaller, but if you don’t care as much about how it feels, go for colors! Contrasting black and white, gray and white, touches of green, blue, sand and earth tones, aqua and turquoise and others are welcome for decorating. Add a cozy feel with wood and plywood and freshen up the look with potted greens and blooms and voila!

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