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Stylish Outdoor Sofa And Chair

Spring is not that far yet and it is very pleasant to stay outside, especially after this long winter. It is time to think about renovating and redesigning your outdoor spaces if they are needed. We have prepared a cool idea for an outdoor sofa that can inspire you!

The ubiquitous Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe has been reinterpreted in a clever and extremely stylish iteration by Deep Design for the Italian brand Serralunga.

The Deep Design duo have transformed Barcelona into Barceloneta, a stackable, rotationally molded plastic sofa and armchair for outdoor use. Offering stackability and durability, the Barceloneta outdoor sofa is ideal for patios and pools, adding the allure of an icon to any outdoor venue, updated to keep the classic look of an Italian furniture product while keeping it contemporary and informal.

The Barceloneta outdoor sofa is suitable for both residential and commercial use. Due to its stackability, it is ideal for restaurants.

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