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Stylish Mid Century Living Room Design Ideas

The mid-century style has its charm – it’s kind of vintage, but not exactly. For me this style is mostly reminiscent of James Bond films. Today designers create rooms in this style, they are rather original and very diverse. Mid-century furniture, lamps, and animal skins give you the touch you need. You can choose between different color schemes: brown and green, blue and gray, black and white. Today there are so many designer furniture collections that look both mid-century and modern. Add an antler, old fashioned TV or radio, rug, and guitar. Check out some photos of living rooms in this style and enjoy! Need more tips on decorating your living room this way? Here you are!


What colors for a mid-century modern living room? You can go for any color you like, but the most traditional ones are muted mustard, rust, red, burgundy, green, or pastel shades. If you’re going for a Scandinavian and a modern mid-century, try a monochromatic color scheme. Prints will spice up your space and it will look catchier and brighter.


Use chic mid-century modern furniture made from plywood, wood, and rattan with brightly colored upholstery and add a leather couch or sofa. Elegant metallic accents enchant the room, a striking sunburst chandelier emphasizes the room and a hairpin leg underlines the style you have chosen. A wood slice coffee table makes your space more rustic, and some jute ottomans add a boho feel to it.


Abstract works of art make your space brighter and cooler. You can also go for gallery walls which are very trendy. Boho and printed carpets, artificial animal skins are great for mid-century modern spaces. Potted flowers and lots of green enliven the room. Opt for more skylights and picture windows that are traditional for mid-century modern spaces that fill the living room with light.

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