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Stylish Kitchens With Brick Walls And Ceilings

Brick makes the room industrial and very chic, it is almost an ideal decoration for kitchen and dining areas. You can do a wall, all walls, a ceiling, or just a kitchen splash – it would be harmonious anyway. Red brick, white brick, gray brick, or even black brick – it’s easy to choose the right shade for your interior and style, and almost any style from Provence to glamorous would love a brick wall. A brick backsplash is a brilliant idea as you don’t have to pick tiles based on style and color scheme. Just use bricks – it’s functional and would add charm to your kitchen. Check out some cool examples below and use them in your kitchen design!

Brick walls and ceilings

Brick walls and ceilings are a great idea for adding texture and interest to any room. Even the most formal space looks desperate and chic with a brick wall or ceiling, and easily goes with many decor styles: modern farmhouse, rustic, vintage, industrial, modern, and even minimalist. First, decide what effect you want to achieve: will the brick take over the space? Does it just go with the kitchen decor and add texture? Will it make your closets stand out? If you decide to go for it, choose the shade of brick – white, gray, red (most popular) or even painted to match the cabinets. Red brick is the coolest, although whitewashed is also very popular for creating a relaxed space. You can highlight your brick tone with contrast grout or choose a grout to match.

Brick backsplashes

A brick backsplash is a creative way to add some texture to your kitchen without taking up space. Such a function is often incorporated into minimalist and modern kitchens. A backsplash can also be available in different colors and more often has a contrasting color. If you find it difficult to clean, cover the entire length or just around the stove with glass. Get inspired!

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