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Stylish Easter Mantel Decorating Ideas

This year, Easter isn’t that early – in May, but if you want to decorate the mantelpiece with not just a spring style but also some pretty Easter accents, here are some ideas. Eggs are the first thing we expect when we hear the word “Easter”. Whether you go for plastic or natural eggs, chicken or quail eggs – just paint them and use them in wreaths or just in a nice bowl. Spring flowers like daffodils make good company for the eggs, as do rabbits, chickens and pretty animal china figures. Add garlands and wreaths, some pictures and inscriptions of your choice and voila – your stylish mantelpiece is ready!

Neutral and pastel-colored Easter coat decor

If you prefer neutral colors, you can choose from different styles: modern, contemporary, vintage, shabby chic and farmhouse. Choose details and elements according to the style you prefer – their looks will be different, but the combinations and looks are usually more or less the same. You need a few fake bunnies – figures made from different materials are fine; lots of fake eggs – if it’s a neutral mantelpiece then go speckled or pastel colored. Freshen up the look with potted grass, greens, and blossoms – in pots or vases, depending on what you have on hand. Bunting, garlands, and signs complete the look – make as many as you want to decorate your mantelpiece.

Colorful Easter coat decor

If you love bright colors, if you like moody and fun decor, decorate an Easter coat in bold colors. The combos are basically the same: fake bunnies, eggs, birdies, birdhouses, egg presentations, bunting and garlands, and various pieces of art. For bright spring blooms, go in bold pots, make nests with brightly colored fake eggs, and any other fun and cute stuff you want. If you are very moody and colorful, invite your children to take part in the decorating. Have them make bright works of art, bunting, garlands, make fake eggs from different materials, and even funny rabbit figurines. Put a large chalkboard on the mantelpiece and let your kids draw whatever they want on it.

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