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Stylish Contemporary Dna Teak Collection

Looking for modern furniture made from natural materials? Look no further, here it is! The DNA TEAK collection was created by GANDIABLASCO and shows a warmer aesthetic created by combining teak slats in aluminum profiles. The darker shade of the wood creates a dramatic play of light and shadow that is inspired by Mediterranean shutters.

In addition to being a beautiful, bold color, teak is also a practical material for garden furniture as it is durable and ages well over time. The juxtaposition of the chestnut-colored slats and the white or black anodized aluminum frames in the pictures creates an elegant look that is perfect for smaller courtyards through to larger contract situations. In addition to the options white and black, the DNA TEAK collection is available in the colors anodized, sand, bronze, anthracite, agate gray, concrete gray, cement gray, olive green, blue gray, gray blue, red orange and orange brown.

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