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Stylish Armchair

The piece we share today is inspired by one of the most famous traditional clothing items. The Kimono Armchair is a piece of furniture that explores the formal essence of traditional Japanese clothing and takes inspiration from its soft textures and folds.

The fluidity of the kimono fabric, the horizontal plate that wraps around the torso, and the coverage of the human body are all aspects to consider if a certain level of mimesis is to be achieved – halfway between immediate detection and excessive Distance. Imagine those kimono pleats covering your body and you will understand why the armrests look like this.

Different production techniques result in a cohesive, elegant and harmonized lounge seat that is intended to pay tribute to the kimono. Each piece is made of light wood and a black leather cushion, and a metal detail holds the chair back. Such an elegant and timeless piece can be used for any modern interior, from industrial to rustic, and because of the calm color scheme, it easily fits in most rooms.

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