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Stylish And Practical Coffee Table Decor Ideas

A beautifully decorated coffee table in a living room is always a centerpiece. Would you like to make it look like a professional decorator’s job? First, identify the focus of the composition: flowers, greenery or an arrangement of natural materials depending on the season. Try different sizes of decorations and numbers of elements. Be practical: when guests come, you need to clear your table top quickly to place some cups and plates. A coffee table should also have enough space for some things like a remote control, mug, or whatever else you may need. How can you consider all of these points to come to an agreement? We’ve rounded up some cool ideas that are stylish and practical so you can rock them or get inspired and create your own.

Style and colors

Find out what style you used for the entire room and apply it to your coffee table styling as well. It should look natural here. For colors, use the same as for the rest of the room – for decorative objects. When stacking books, place whatever you want.

Green and blossoms

You can opt for green or floral arrangements in the vases that match the decor and style. Potted plants and flowers as well as artificial plants last longer. Therefore, consider this option as well. Dried herbs, leaves and flowers are a trendy idea that will last a long time.

Decor objects

Choose the decor taking into account the style and colors of your room: different types of trays, bowls, receptacles, plates, chargers, placemats and even candle holders should go together. There are tons of ideas in different colors. It all depends on the style you want to recreate and the touches you want to add. Dishes, coffee and tea cups, different types of wine glasses and carafes are also welcome on your coffee table. They also have practical value. Add in a few books or magazines that you love and voila!

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