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Style A Beach Or Coastal Console

A lot of us have console tables in entryways and living rooms and you just can’t leave the table empty, some decor is required. Design your console table in a beach or coastal style. This is a great idea for summer and brighten up your vacation space. I’ve prepared some cool ideas that might inspire you. Let’s look at them.

The console itself

Change or renovate your console for your beach house or give your usual room a beach feel. The most popular idea is a whitewashed wooden console. Just modify the existing console using some DIY whitewash and fix it up. You can also try bolder, ocean-inspired colors – turquoise, aqua, different shades of blue and the piece again for a worn look. If you have a unique rough piece of wood on hand, use it as a console table, it will make a statement by itself.

Works of art

The easiest way to create a mood, ambience and whatever type of decor you like is to hang or place a piece of art. You can find a real one, or even make it your own, and it can be an oversized statement piece or an entire gallery wall above your console. These can be painted works of art or maybe photos. You can use your own vacation pictures to enjoy the memories. For a modern beach console table, an oversized piece of art is all you need – just hang it up and you’re done.

Sea articles

Nothing is more natural for beach decor than marine items – seashells, sea glass and driftwood that you found on the beach, swimmers, star fish, corals, ropes and the like. You can not only display them in cloches, bowls, trays and place them on the table, but you can also use them to create objects of art, e.g. B. carving a driftwood fish, making a seahorse clad in sea glass, and more – there are tons of DIYs you can find.

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