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String Lights For Kids Rooms

Fairy lights are the number one idea to create an inviting and cozy ambience in any room. They are available in many shapes, colors and appearances with cold and warm light and, unlike candles, are very inexpensive and safe. What can be better to decorate a child’s room? Literally nothing! Today we’re sharing the coolest examples of incorporating fairy lights into children’s rooms. Let’s look at them.


The coolest idea is to add fairy lights to the sleeping zone: they make the sleeping area cozier, more inviting and can be used in place of night lights. Hang the fairy lights over the bed or on the wall next to the bed and add some photos to make it more personal. If there is a canopy add fairy lights, this will make the bed dreamy. With fairy lights you can create various signs, installations and works of art – it’s up to you and your child. You can also opt for an interesting panel art wall, have your child chalk some, and then add lights. You can also try different strings of lights – star-shaped, vintage, spherical and cat-shaped to match the room decoration. Get creative!

Read / play room

Another great idea is to light up the reading / play room with fairy lights. It will inspire your children to have space there and maybe read. If there is a teepee add lights, if not – just hang them over the corner. Fairy lights make the room welcoming and add light necessary for reading. You can also make some fun pieces like stars and half moons from fairy lights – there are lots of DIYs out there so you can easily make them.

Other ideas

Some other ideas can include highlighting different parts of the room: storage, closets, toy shelves, bookcases, and seating or play areas. The idea is simple: just hang the lights in this room, try different shapes and appearances of the fairy lights, for example star-shaped, they are loved by many children. Get inspiration from the ideas below and make your child’s room more welcoming.

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