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String Lights For Entryways

Fairy lights are amazing! They bring extra light everywhere, can be used for any object and space, go with many decorating styles, and come in different shapes and colors. They are also very inexpensive. Who needs a lamp when you can hang fairy lights and create a cozy and inviting ambience at the same time? Today we are discussing how to use them in entrances.

Entrances are usually small, and extra light makes small rooms look bigger, so fairy lights are just what you need. You can hang the lights anywhere and cover everything with them, and your entrance will be more welcoming and inviting to visitors. Now let’s look at some ways in which fairy lights can be used in the entrance area.


Most entrances have mirrors, and covering them with fairy lights is a great way to highlight. The mirror reflects the light that fills the entrance with it, giving girls a nice spot to check their makeup and hair anytime. Whether the mirror is a wall or a floor, it will look great with fairy lights!

Walls and doors

You can hang the fairy lights directly on the walls – cover the entire wall and you don’t need additional lamps. Or just hang them in the corner to brighten the room better, or clip the lights to the trim if you have them. Put the fairy lights over the door to make them stand out, and the windows too if necessary – this is a nice idea to add light to the room.


Ladders are popular for entrance decorations: you can use them to hang coats, scarves, umbrellas, accessories, etc. Sometimes ladders are used as display, for example for hats or children’s art, and highlighting is very easy – just cover the ladder with fairy lights.

Other ideas

Take a large glass and fill it with fairy lights to create a powerful light – that’s all you need! Put lights on your console table, hang them on hooks, let them hang from the ceiling when it rains and your entrance will be inviting and dreamy!

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