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Storage System With Peeling Layers

Storage is the main concern of any modern home as there is often not enough space for everything we need. Designers are getting more and more creative and we see more and more interesting solutions. Today I offer you to look at another catchy and original piece.

The industrial design studio LAYER and the Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat presented SHIFT, a shape-changing retail shelving system. At first glance it looks like simple wallcovering, but peeling off the various top layers reveals a few different shelf options along with their accompanying fold-out brackets.

There is a panel made from compressed upcycled textiles. Intelligently machined cut grooves can pick up the solid material and bring it back into its flexible shape in carefully selected areas. In this way, the shelving system can function both as an acoustic wall unit when it is not in use for storage, and as shelving that retracts when needed. The flexible system does not use screws or bolts in its construction.

You can switch to either blue made from recycled denim, yellow and gray. If you want to live a marginal life, the white version is made from recycled hospital bed sheets.

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