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Stone House Turned Contemporary

This house was originally built in the 1940s and was recently bought by a couple with two children to leave town. It was a mess of stone buildings in an agricultural community and was then completely redesigned by COVO Interiores. The renovated house takes on the humble origins of the building, while at the same time adopting an interior design with contemporary minimalism that offers all the comforts a modern family would need.

Externally, the stone masonry has been carefully restored – its irregular pattern of stone blocks is interrupted by the rectangular shapes of the new windows and doors – as is the tiled roof. Sleek white metal frames maximize the glazing area of ​​the windows, which appear as reflective rectangles on the masonry facade during the day. This balance is reversed at night when the illuminated interiors jump out of the dark stone.

All aspects of the building’s agricultural past have been blurred by a minimalist aesthetic of whitewashed walls and concrete floors. On the ground floor there is a living room and kitchen, which are separated by a cubic volume made of oak that hides the stairs and the guest toilet and contains built-in wardrobes. Upstairs, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, showing the same minimalist sensibility, complete the residence, while on the adjoining block a small studio allows the new owner to work from home.

Opposite the house, the jumble of stone buildings has been converted into a one-story annex building with a garage and ancillary areas. While the original masonry walls have been carefully restored, the architects have crowned the structure with a slab of concrete that appears to float above the walls. This effect is intensified at night when the narrow gap between the roof and the masonry structure is illuminated.

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