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Stone Fireplaces

It is winter now and there is nothing more comfortable than sitting by the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate or tea. If you already have a fireplace and want to update it, or just planning one, this roundup is for you – beautiful stone fireplaces will inspire you, take a look!

Textures and colors

Texture is one of the things that can really help a room come to life and add interest to it. Use larger stones for a textured feel. The bigger your stones are, the easier it will be to work with them in the long run. This format is also great for a non-traditional approach, and you get a cozy, cabin-style look. On the contrary, if you want a super slim and elegant stone fireplace, you prefer artificial stones that look calmer and more neutral.

The lighter the stone tones you choose, the smoother the final look will be. You can rock darker shades of gray, brown, and beige that are natural to stones and they will bring out the texture. You can also try light and white artificial stones or whitewash the existing ones to make your fireplace look very elegant and contemporary.


First of all, define the style you like and want. If you have a contemporary or minimalist space, you might want a built-in stone pillar fireplace, or a real stone or fireplace with a modern fireplace built right inside for a quirky look. If your space is more rustic, forest, cabin and so on, you might want a cool cabin style fireplace made of rough and maybe dark stone with a wooden mantle. Yes, don’t forget the mantels – they will make your fireplace look older and more vintage, and if you skip it, you will get a more modern and elegant look.

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