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Statement Ceiling Ideas

We are used to making a statement in different ways and setting accents in the interior: with statement walls, light furniture, bold accessories and eye-catching lamps and chandeliers. But there is one more idea that not everyone thinks of: a statement cap. A bold ceiling can take up all of the space, add color, add texture and pattern, help you incorporate a material, and even make the room cozy. Do not you believe it? Here are some brave examples that will convince you.

Bold colored and patterned blankets

If you paint your ceiling a bold shade, it will look very different and the whole room will change. Turquoise, orange, green, red, burgundy, purple, blue – there are tons of colors. If you have a neutral or monochromatic room, such a light ceiling will add color. If you have a pastel room, choose saturated pastel tones on the ceiling to keep the ambience inviting. Rock a bold room? Look for accessories or furniture that will go with your ceiling – this is actually a good idea for any type of room. Metallic ceilings are a hot idea: you won’t see this often and metallics never go out of style. You can also try patterns of various kinds – floral, geometric patterns, made not only with paint, but also with stickers. Don’t hesitate to use trendy wallpaper on the ceiling instead of a wall. It is a brave idea to try.

Structural ceilings

Textures and shapes also make your ceiling unique. It can be a coffered ceiling – this is a trendy idea, and you can freshen it up with colors too. Rock cladding and strong colors at the same time, such a ceiling will be very noticeable. If you fancy something a little more modern, dress up your ceiling with wood in a chevron pattern, with shutters or wooden planks all over the place.

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