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Spring Moss Outdoor And Indoor Decor Ideas

Moss is a cool decor thing because it looks so fresh and natural! Fade over the variants in order to integrate moss into the decor? Adding moss toppings as decorations is easy: put them in bowls or candle holders and place them on the mantelpiece, window sill or table. Putting moss in a bird cage or making a terrarium out of it is a cool idea. A very unusual way of using moss is to decorate a wall with it, for example in your bathroom. But to do this you need the help of specialists. Moss letters on the front door make a cool door decoration, and you can hang moss balls outside. Moss is also great for festive decorations – for weddings or Easter. Get some inspiration below!

Natural or faux

Moss is low maintenance, but of course you should take care of it. Also, some of you say it’s not very clean – when you have a wall of moss over the tub and parts of it get into the tub. Artificial moss is always alive, bright, and bold, although it doesn’t look that natural, it’s timeless. Choose what is best for you and go!


How can you incorporate moss into your home decor? There are many opportunities! Moss balls can be placed in all kinds of vases and bowls to create cool centerpieces, moss can be used to cover tables, chairs, bowls, boxes, and other things to give them a bouncy look, moss can be used in green arrangements and underneath are the vases. Make clocks and works of art out of natural or artificial moss and hang them on the walls to give the room a bouncy feel. Living walls are a cool and edgy trend that will go on for a long time, and moss is one of the best plants for such a wall as it is a low maintenance plant. Create such an accent wall in a bathroom, bedroom, or living room to make a stylish statement.

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