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Spanish Home Decor Ideas

Spanish home decor is unique and striking in its rustic style and simplicity. It’s often recreated around the world, or its accents are added here and there because it’s so warm and beautiful. How do you achieve such an appearance in your home? Here are a few ideas.

Colors and patterns

White is a fantastic background color as you have a blank canvas to be creative with. It brightens the room and visually expands it, feels clean and neutralizes the strong, warm colors. It also helps to highlight your color accents and not get lost in a sea of ​​contrasts and clashing tones. If not exposed, the walls can also be plastered smooth or uneven and then painted white to give homeowners that blank canvas.

Spanish home design includes many warmer colors like burnt oranges, terracotta, and red-tinged browns. They are used to make the room more comfortable and to reflect the pleasant outside climate. To keep the room from feeling too stuffy and small, consider balancing out your warmer colors with a neutral backdrop – the white walls just mentioned.

You will often see many patterns added to Spanish home decor in a number of ways – with tiles, artwork, throws, carpets and other accessories. You should also add this to make your home more eye-catching.

Furniture and decor

Furniture in Spanish home decor is often made of wood or cast iron. You can often find heavy dark accent tables, tall headboards, and deep, rich wood tones that fill your space with history. Furniture shouldn’t just be made of wood and be heavy, you’ll do yourself a favor if it’s intricately carved. This is a nod to Spanish baroque design and fits perfectly.

Elaborate decorations are usually brought into the room as upholstered furniture such as pillows, bedspreads and curtains. Large curtains or fabric graphics hang on the walls, often depicting elaborate patterns in warm and neutral colors.

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