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Space Saving Murphy Desks

We keep sharing the coolest ways to save space and add feature to your home, and this roundup is dedicated to one of them – we’re going to talk about Murphy desks. Like Murphy beds, these desks have an item that can be hidden until you need it. However, this time it is a desktop.


A Murphy desk is a very practical idea for a person who needs a little work or art and doesn’t want a full desk that takes up a lot of space. Murphy desks are very versatile, they come in many different styles, sizes and shapes and they maintain a professional look while at the same time conveying a very casual and modern feel. They’re a really good choice for a lot of people from kids and students who live in tiny spaces to pretty much anyone with a job or a hobby.

Art / craft

Murphy desks are perfect for crafting and creating artwork. You can easily make a piece yourself with plenty of storage space to hold all of your paints, brushes and other things. Make your desktop bigger than usual, as crafting and painting usually takes up enough space.

Crafting / creating for children

Murphy desks are great for kids rooms when your child doesn’t have a lot to learn. Such a desk can be opened at any time and your child can do handicrafts, paint and create anything they want. You can add some storage space and even light inside. Such an idea gives every child a private craft room – ideal for shared rooms.


Murphy desks are great for paying bills, chatting, surfing the web, and working. Vary the size and appearance according to your requirements, integrate light and storage space for your laptop, notebooks, pens and other small items. Enjoy!

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