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Sound Proofing Wall Panels

Submaterial has improved the game of soundproofing a lot over the past few years and the latest Acoustic Surfaces Collection is another brilliant move. Your wall systems have a high performance thermally formed acoustic substrate hidden beneath the thick layer of commercially available wool felt suitable for serious soundproofing. But the company doesn’t stop there – instead they bring a decorative element to the surface that results in really cool geometric wall patterns that obscure the original reason behind it. From small walls to large installations, the wall surfaces can be customized with over 60 different colors.

Hex has a mid-century flair with a hex within a hexadecimal geometric pattern that converges into a series of lines. The horizontal bar provides a bold, graphic pattern of layered and colored bars arranged in a random pattern. Vertical Bar is an even bolder version of the above with longer, more intense bars. Rain is made up of fluid, organic lines that gently curve away from straight lines and then back again. Bulb has a series of nested, balloon-like shapes that connect into a single line.

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