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Sophisticated Luminaire Collection

If you are tired of all those moody pieces, don’t want play of colors and crazy shapes, I have a great lamp collection for you. These pieces are only characterized by basic shapes, elegant colors and a refined design, which makes them timeless.

The Canadian lighting designer Saleem Khattak from Archilume presented three lighting systems: Alto, Aura and Balance. Alto resembles the craftsmanship of a cut diamond with its strong top conical shape and transparent base. With Archilume’s characteristic “total reflection optics”, Alto’s warm, glare-free glow ranges from a full brightness of 3000 degrees Kelvin to a subdued color temperature of 1800 degrees Kelvin.

The aura is divided into two hemispheres that form its bold spherical shape. The top half is made of aircraft aluminum while the bottom half is a clear optical lens. Both Aura and Alto use Archilume’s new Dim to Warm feature to create a warmer light when dimmed.

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