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Soothing Victorian Townhouse

London-based interior design firm Daytrip Studio renovated Powerscroft Road, a refurbished Victorian townhouse of subtle sophistication in Clapton, North East London. The interiors are a combination of the past and the modern. They are designed with a refined and calm sensibility that manages to combine the calming grace of craftsmanship with the clean sheen of modernity.

The renovation of the Daytrip Studio respects the Victorian charm of the house and treats the original structure with discretion and simplicity. The existing floorboards have been carefully restored, the openings between the rooms have been widened and fitted with minimalist steel doors, while new light sources increase natural light transmission wherever possible.

The most radical part of the renovation was the excavation of the basement, which created a spacious, light-flooded kitchen and living room in the lower area, seamlessly connected to the garden by floor-to-ceiling glazing and a continuous polished concrete floor. With a beautifully designed, tailor-made kitchen made of Douglas fir and polished Evora marble, the tonal subtlety and minimalist lightness of the room is reflected in the design of the landscaped garden.

A palette of muted colors and soothing textures such as pale, lime-washed walls, cream-colored powder-coated metalwork, polished concrete floors and natural wood surfaces make both the old and the new parts of the interior appear in sublime elegance, as well as the classic Calacatta marble and deep blue, crackling Lavaston the main and the family bathroom respectively. An eclectic selection of antique, medieval and contemporary pieces of furniture as well as a carefully put together art collection of tactile beauty and minimalist grace make the room truly unique and give it character.

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