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Solar Sun Mood Lamp

The Solar Sun Mood Lamp expands Deskspace’s philosophy of paying tribute to our solar system. The sun comes in its own case along with an information brochure about the product, material, process and facts about the sun. The Sun was developed as a desk accessory and fits perfectly with the solar system collection (it is also correspondingly larger), but is also ideal as a mood lamp (some would say its original purpose) and emits a powerful power, mystical glow, to a subtle, calming Appearance.

The Solar Sun Mood Lamp is handcrafted from golden calcite gemstone, which is valued for its fascinating texture and clarity. It allows the light to spread within the sphere and shine into space. You can now bring the sun into your home and capture a small portion of that power. The base is made of aerospace grade aluminum that has been anodized to a deep space gray. It’s great as a subtle night light on the bedside table or to capture the beauty of your desk accessories. It exudes a space that gives a feeling of relaxation and calm.

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