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Sobreiro Cork Furniture

Cork is a great material for furniture: it’s versatile, attractive, and sustainable. Cork is one of the most sustainable materials to harvest and is fully recyclable. The texture, variety of applications and insulation properties enrich the possible uses of this material to express new concepts and gestures. It’s like marble that can be sculpted. The Brazilian design duo Humberto and Fernando Campana created a furniture collection to demonstrate the beauty and benefits of this material.

The collection, called the Sobreiro Collection, includes an armchair and three cabinets made almost entirely of cork in various natural shades of brown. One cabinet has a wavy texture while another has a dotted texture reminiscent of pebbles. The armchair is made entirely of natural cork, while the cabinets consist of a wooden structure made of expanded natural cork agglomerate, a material that is made by heating the cork and does not contain any additives. One of the three cabinets consists of a combination of cork agglomerate and natural clay – an experiment on the hybridity of materials. Such creative, sustainable furniture is ideal for modern rooms. Let yourself be inspired!

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