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Smart Kitchen Cupboard From The Future

These days kitchens can have so many different appliances that not all of them will be able to accommodate all of them. They also sometimes become a place for family gatherings. Although many people have small kitchens, designers began to think about future concepts to solve the problem. This year 3 Chinese designers are creating a great concept that definitely does the job. The concept is only for part of the kitchen – cupboard.

The names of the designers are: Cheng He, Liu Guang Kui and Zhou Dong. Here is some information from the description of the intelligent kitchen cabinet:

  • The cabinet consists of three main work areas: washing, cooking and mixing.
  • Cabinet adopts double-deck rotators structure, which can rotate, it can rotate 180 °.
  • The gutter has two types of outlets: the parallel induction type water outlets are on either side of the gutter and the metal hose holding taps are in the middle of two gutters, which may be suitable for operation in different environments.
  • Eliminate the card type, slide rail and hinge of the traditional cabinet entirely. This cabinet regards the aluminum alloy structural frame and the combination of stainless steel pipe as an integral structure. Adopt level warehouse, hydraulic pressure system and locking system to realize cabinet and wall cabinet lifting.
  • Integrative structures with ready-to-use table board, channel and kitchen, cupboard distribute cool box, disinfection and oven symmetrically, other edges are cupboards.
  • The lower cabinet is a drawing structure, can be fully pulled out during use and simplifies operation. Hang the kitchen fan with lighting function under the upper cabinet.

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