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Smart Hallways Lights Tips

If you want your home or apartment to feel inviting, it needs to be well lit. No place in your home is an exception. Lighting your hallway may seem difficult as it is usually small and narrow. This means that you can’t go for floor lamps and mounted lighting is your only option. If you don’t properly light the hallway, it will feel claustrophobic. However, this problem can also be solved by strategically placing your lights.

When choosing your lighting style, you need to make sure that you have enough light yourself to make your hallway feel adequately lit. Make sure you place lights at least every eight feet. Smaller lamps with lamps with lower wattage should be placed more often. Draw the eye down the hallway by bringing a light near both ends. If you choose sconces, place them high on the wall to draw the eye up and open up the space. Otherwise, you risk the entire medieval atmosphere of a torch on the wall of a castle.

Stand at both ends of the hall and look for dark spots. Make sure the light stays constant and that the brightness doesn’t decrease between lights. As needed, brighten the shaded parts of the hallway to make the space feel open and inviting.

Pendant lamp

Pendant lights can make a statement in your hallway. Find one that really catches the eye and hang it up to transform a very memorable space. Pendant lights are best for hallways with high ceilings. Otherwise, a low hanging light fixture could create the feeling of claustrophobia that you are so desperate to avoid.

Wall lights

You don’t necessarily have to mount anything on your ceiling to light your hallway. Wall lights can help you get enough light without ever having to pull out more than a step stool to change the lightbulb. This type of lighting is best for wider hallways, however, as the sconces protrude from the walls and encroach into the space of your hallway runners.

Track lighting

If you want to add an architectural feel and get highly customizable lighting, track lighting is the solution. This style is ideal for industrial and contemporary spaces.

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