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Small Wooden House

In collaboration with ENJOYWORKS, ERI SUMITOMO ARCHITECTS designed a small wooden house in Hayama, Japan, in an area surrounded by lush greenery. The minimalist facade with vertical wooden boards clad a fascinating interior with a curved “curtain” made of acrylic panels and hemlock grids, which create a slight separation between public and private space. Japanese architects and designers continue to surprise us with their creativity and coolness solutions.

The ground floor has a partially double ceiling with the curtain above that crosses the interior from north to south with an incline towards the ceiling. Several windows were cut out of the curtain, allowing a connection to the floor below while ensuring privacy of the translucent panels. The panels appear white during the day, but light shines through at night, making the entire house feel like a lantern while maintaining some privacy.

The interiors are really minimalist and very simple but as functional as possible. The color scheme is all white, with light natural wood and plywood that are generously integrated into the decor. The kitchen, which is one of the cosiest rooms in the house, has elegant plywood cabinets with a concrete top and backsplash as well as a dining area consisting of a wooden table and benches. A tiny home office is still very functional: there’s a floating desk, some open shelves, and enough light for work. The entrance is small but practical, with open shelves for shoes that save some space. Check out this ultra-minimal house and get inspired!

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