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Small Space Decorating Mistakes

Lack of space is a common problem these days and many homeowners are looking for ways to make their home bigger. We’ve rounded up some common mistakes you can make while decorating that will make your space appear smaller. Let’s look at what to avoid.

Extremely large sofas

Everyone loves large corner sofas that can accommodate all of your friends who have been visiting. However, keep in mind that such a sofa will make the room feel smaller if your space is not open enough. An oversized corner sofa can only be placed in a large open space. If you don’t have it but still need some seating solutions, opt for loungers and comfortable chairs or armchairs.

Not enough light

If you don’t have enough light, any room will be smaller than it is. To avoid this, use multiple layers of light: a chandelier, some lamps and lights, extra spotlights, and possibly candles. If you don’t know how to add lights to create a harmonious look, give fairy lights a try – they go with any interior, make it welcoming and inviting, and can be hung on any wall or hung as a curtain.

Too dark walls

Atmospheric interiors are very popular these days, and all dark hues seem welcome. However, keep in mind that with them your space will look a lot smaller. Light walls are much better for making your room more spacious. If you really want something dark or colorful, consider an accent wall – nothing else is required here, unless accent walls are very popular.

Too many matching colors + no patterns

Most designers advise to keep the interior white if it is small – it visually expands the space and is easy to adjust, but such a room looks too sterile. Don’t make your interior too suitable – no matter which color or shade you have chosen, set accents and accents in contrasting or similar colors. It will make your space more interesting, personal, and inviting while adding bold prints here and there that will make everyone forget the space is tiny and just look at them. You don’t need much – just a few carpets, curtains or pillows and that’s it.

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