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Small Open Layout Decor

Open layouts are extremely popular in design these days as they allow you to get the most out of your space and completely flood it with light, but we usually see large rooms. What if you have a smaller room and still want to create an open floor plan there? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options and tips that can help you design your needs. Let’s take a look at them!

Go minimalist with the furniture

Furniture is always the main thing in any room. When you have a smaller space that you want to keep as open as possible, the easiest way is to go big. You can say that this is not at all logical, but this is a traditional tip for all small spaces: large format furniture makes the space look more open than many smaller pieces cluttering it. For example, a single large sofa offers more seating than many individual chairs, making your space look cluttered. Depending on the room layout, you can add a long sofa, sectional, or even a love seat.

Keep it bright

The usual rule for open layouts is to go neutral and add bright accents if necessary. Smaller open spaces are no exception. Lighter colors ensure that rooms feel free and open. Keeping the area well lit will make it feel more open, as darker rooms will usually automatically feel closed. You can consider items like large windows or skylights. This allows natural light to flow into the room. If they are not an option, choose stylish chandeliers and different lamps that you like.

Create a focus

A focal point is a must in any room, whether it is an open layout or not, as it adds visual interest to the room. A focal point element adds a lot of style to your space without cluttering the smaller area in the way that designs with more working parts might. You can include an accent wall, a fireplace, either real or fake, a single piece of larger, bolder furniture, or a piece of large wall art. Arrange the rest of your furniture around this focal point so that it becomes visible.

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