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Small Nursery Design Ideas

Sometimes there is literally no place for the baby – just a small space. How do you deal with it so that your child is comfortable and how you can use most of the space? Here are some tips that can be helpful when you’re expecting a little miracle and don’t know what to do.

Colors and prints

Choose a light color palette to make the nursery feel bigger and brighter. Remember, solid colors reduce visual disruptions and make a small room appear much larger. Paint the ceiling in light shades or even lighter than the walls. You can also go for a monochromatic color palette, which is also quite bright and creates interest.

Certain patterns expand the space, e.g. B. Vertical stripes add height, while horizontal bars add width. They also increase interest in the space. Don’t let patterns and prints overwhelm your space, however: use smaller patterned pieces and don’t place them too close together. Pick a clean, repeating pattern that doesn’t contain more than a color or two, and break up patterned elements with large blocks of solid, neutral paint.


Make the room airy with natural light: maximize the window size and let the light in. If you prefer drapes or drapes, buy sheer. If possible, you should use multiple layers of light to change them if necessary or to turn everything on for a generous feeling of space. Mirrors and glass create reflective surfaces to fill the room even more with light.


Do not clutter the room with furniture – select the most important items and place them. Go for foldable, flexible and versatile furniture to save space and make it more functional. Try large pieces of furniture but less: this way you avoid clutter with tiny furniture. Choose lighter shades and clean lines, and remember that your child will grow and there should be some space left. Use your walls too: hang shelves, baskets, hooks and other items to save space. Keep toys or adult clothing in roll containers that can be hidden under a crib or bed, and look out for other clever space-saving ideas, such as: B. Stool with hidden storage space.

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