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Small Nooks At Home

What should you have in a cozy home so that it is inviting at all times and that you always rush home? A cozy corner just for you that will make you happy! Each of us is interested in different things and also loves to do different things, so such a corner is personal to each of us. Let’s take a look at what you can implement in your home and how you can design that space.

A handicraft corner

If you enjoy tinkering and sewing, feel free to organize a craft room. Even if there is not much space, you can create such a corner somewhere. All you need is a desk and storage space. It can be a cabinet with drawers, a desk with drawers, you can also use a breadboard for storage: attach all the shelves and rails to it. Window sills and balconies are also welcome to create a handicraft corner – lots of natural light is guaranteed!

A home spa

Turn your bathroom into a spa oasis, because this is where you can relax and enjoy a shower or a bathtub. Liven up the space with potted greens and flowers, add pebbles and natural wood for a spa feel, choose stylish and possibly expensive accessories and soaps to make the bathroom feel like a spa. If you get the chance, you need a steam bath, if not – then at least make a bathtub to store your book, drinks and an aromatic candle.

A breakfast nook

A cozy and inviting breakfast nook will make your breakfast a great experience that you will be waiting for all day. The best idea is to place such a corner by the window or directly on the window sill to fill the room with natural light. Put up a corner bench with storage space or turn a windowsill into a bench and add a small table. Decorate the walls the way you liked and add some colorful details to wake up faster.

A cozy corner

A space for reading, watching TV, socializing in the messengers and so on – create your own nook and cranny to do the things you like. Put a comfortable day bed or armchair to read, or organize a corner near the fireplace to make you feel warm and cozy. Grab some pillows and blankets and add candles – voila, a super inviting corner is ready!

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