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Small Loft With Built In Furniture

A tiny home can be cool when it’s well organized and every inch of space is used to the full without compromising on style. Here is one of those houses that offers maximum functionality as well as cool design and decor.

This apartment was remodeled by the architects Heren 5 and the furniture designer Paul Timmer. It’s only 45 square meters in diameter, but its 3.4 meters ceiling height works wonderfully in its favor. The apartment is on the ground floor of the building and its floor plan has been strategically organized, with the common areas being placed through the large windows where they get plenty of sunlight and beautiful views while the private areas are invisible. A really cool feature of this apartment is the small sleeping area just above the kitchen. It is accessible via a narrow staircase to the right of the kitchen module and uses the high ceiling in a very practical and cool way.

The loft bed isn’t the only thing this small apartment has. There is an additional one that can be pulled out from under the platform, the one under the stairs. It stays hidden most of the time and is only used when guests are staying longer.

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