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Small L Shaped Kitchen

What could be less convenient than a small kitchen? Just a small kitchen with windows on two walls! Impossible to use for storage, you will say, but no – this kitchen will prove you are wrong.

Originally this kitchen was a corridor between two apartments, but designer Milagros Aguera decided to turn it into a kitchen. The new design aimed to get the most out of this space. The kitchen is L-shaped and windows on two walls do not prevent the space from being used functionally and comfortably.

The kitchen doors are sliding to save space, and another smart trick was the abundance of light-colored surfaces that make the space appear larger. White cabinets, countertops, the hood, and window frames are offset by dark floor tiles and dark wood on the chair and table. The blue geoprinted wallpaper made the room look higher.

Glass cabinets were hung over the stove as the rest of the walls are taken up by windows. There is also a long shelf below the window line that helps keep everything you need on hand. You can see a large multi-part locker in the corner, it also hides the fridge. The kitchen island doubles as a dining table and offers plenty of storage space.

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