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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

A small kitchen does not mean that you cannot have a stylishly furnished and very welcoming space. We shared a lot of common ideas for how to design a small room or corner, but today I want to dive into that in more detail and share some clever ideas to create a cozy and comfortable ambience in your small kitchen. Let’s take a look at the simple and ingenious ideas I have prepared!

Contemporary decor

The contemporary aesthetic also makes a small room feel bigger because it is laconic and clear. Such a decor usually doesn’t include a lot of details and items, which means that you can get a nice kitchen design without making it smaller. Make sleek cabinets and countertops, and don’t be afraid to add color to your kitchen. Remember to create a visual contrast between the cabinets, or at least use some structural materials like wood, plywood, marble, stone, etc. to add more interest to the space – a contemporary, elegant space doesn’t mean having a boring one !

Multiple lights

The more light you have in a room, the bigger it seems – this tip always works and I think using it will not only make your kitchen look bigger but also more welcoming. If you have large windows and maybe skylights, filling your kitchen with natural light is ideal, but you will also need built-in lights, chandeliers, or pendant lights. I would highly recommend putting some lights on the top cabinets or along the kitchen back wall to make cooking more comfortable.

Adding color / printing

Many homeowners tend to make their small kitchens too laconic and therefore boring, believing that lighter shades are optimal and no clutter or decoration is required. We recommend some colorful details and prints to make your space more interesting and welcoming and to improve your mood when you enter. A bold tile backsplash, colorful carpet, bold cabinets, and even appliances will all help you achieve this effect.

Completely white

An opposite idea of ​​going all in white with no colorful accents can also be nice and perhaps more popular for those who love minimalism. Add some marble, whitewashed wood, or brick surfaces to make your kitchen more interesting and give it some texture.

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