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Small Footprint Apartment

The ‘Type Street Apartment’ is located in a walk-in apartment from the 1970s in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a small, 35-square-foot one-bedroom apartment that was recently renovated for himself by Jack Chen. The main question he asked himself during the renovation was, “How can we build a large house into a small unit?” He solved the problem with elegance and the result is a compact apartment that elegantly combines space for entertainment, a home office and a place of rest in an environment of subtle sophistication.

The apartment is visually divided into two zones, the service areas dominated by wooden surfaces and the white living areas. According to the architect, the key to planning small rooms is that two different functions can coexist in the same room at different times. This type of functionality not only requires clever and elegant design solutions, it also depends on exquisite craftsmanship.

Two inventive solutions the team came up with are a retractable sliding board with an extendable dining table and a collapsible workstation, both of which easily disappear when not in use. Additional design solutions, including mirrored cabinets and baseboards that make the living room feel larger, a retractable clothesline for maximum use of the bathroom, and concealed air conditioning in the bedroom, are further evidence of how Chen used the apartment’s small size as an opportunity to to demonstrate that elegance and comfort are about good design.

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