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Small Apartment Platform Bed

SVOYA Studio recently completed the modern interior of a small 39 m² apartment in Odessa, Ukraine. This apartment is a nice example of how you can pull down a small apartment to make it functional and without compromising on style.

As you walk into the apartment, you are greeted by the living area and a large wood accent wall with hidden lighting and a smaller white wall with plenty of storage space. The wood accent wall in the living room encloses the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen has minimalist white cabinetry, built-in appliances, a gray countertop, and a simple wooden floating shelf.

By the front door there is a hidden door in the wood accent wall that opens to reveal the bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling rectangular tiles in a vertical arrangement cover the walls, while a wooden vanity with a white countertop fits right next to the shower, which is separated by a pane of glass. The dining area is shown with a black dining table and some chairs. The open bedroom is on a platform. The bed is at eye level with the window and offers ocean views while you rest. The bathroom is clad in plain white tiles and there is a shower area in the corner.

The color scheme is neutral, with white, gray and natural tones; The zones are subtle yet elegantly divided. For example, the bedroom area is separated by a framed mini wall made of frosted glass. There are two layers of light – small built-in lights and long black pendant lights to focus this or that area.

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